Since forming in March 2009, Sociotechnic Limited has conducted a variety of projects for different clients. These projects range from independent studies to providing support to existing teams. Projects include:

The design and development of medical devices
Evaluation of existing systems (ethnography, modelling)
Design recommendations & assessment of the impact of design change (safety, efficacy, efficiency, usability, reliability)

Safety case development for nuclear facilities
Task analysis, Human error identification & Human reliability
Interface and control panel design (HCI, HMI)
Control room design, & Industrial workspace design

Safety case development for an explosives facility
Human error identification & Human reliability analysis
Industrial workspace design & Ergonomic assessments

Integrated Human Factors support for a project addressing UAV control
Application of Cognitive Work Analysis
Development of information requirements & interfaces

Design and development of automotive interfaces
Development of cross-carline HMI standards
Physical package assessments (ingress/egress, comfort, vision)

Evaluation of maintenance support software for fighter jets
Assessment of system functionality, usability, & ability to support operations
Development of design guidance

Assessing the performance of military systems
A scoping study proposing a structured framework of analysis tools and techniques for describing system performance

Scoping study supporting the design of a nuclear submarine control room
Assessment of how new Human Factors methods can be incorporated into existing design process

Evaluation and guidance on the use of Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools
Evaluation of a range of SNA tools
Development of SNA software tool user guides
Development of SNA training aids

Assessment of the human sciences challenges facing information management and information exploitation within the MOD
Development of a roadmap for addressing challenges over the next 25 years

A great deal of experience was developed prior to forming Sociotechnic Limited. Key projects include:

Evaluation of helicopter mission planning software
Assessment of existing mission planning systems
Development of software design recommendations

Multi-faceted evaluation of military command and control systems
Including a large scale evaluation of the BOWMAN system

Organisation design for multi agency disaster management
Including Police, Ambulance, Fire, NHS, Military, Utilities, Government
Accident analysis of the Stockwell shooting

Guidance for the design and evaluation of control rooms
Competencies, training, procedures, communication, manning & workload, automation, supervision, shift patterns, control room layout, SCADA, alarms, environment, error, & safety culture

Tank simulator design guidance
Guidance on training to support effective decision-making

Design/evaluation of automotive lane departure warning systems
Design/evaluation of automotive hazard perception systems
Evaluation of proposed automotive interfaces

Sociotechnic Ltd also offers a range of bespoke training courses.